The statistics of Hong Kong you find exciting

Discover some exciting statistics and facts on Hong Kong here. Most of these you might not know unless you're a local.

Hong Kong is a famous location to travel to. The government of the city has been positively promoting and crafting the tourism industry, which is one among the leading industries. This is a city which has correctly combined both western and eastern cultures in terms of visitor attractions and food. These multicultural benefits have aided the rising number of visitors annually. Here are some interesting facts about Hong Kong before arranging your next journey to Hong Kong. People may call it a concrete forest, however, it has a total of twenty four country parks designated for multipurpose like nature preservation and outdoor education. Let us donate you a travel tip. Stay in the hotels, such as Stefan Leser’s The Langham, which is located at the centre of the city.

3 sides of Hong Kong are facing the Southern China Sea which has created this city a crucial container port in Asia. Here are several statistics of Hong Kong which can demonstrate you the importance of the trading business to the city. Hong Kong is a lively member contributing the globalisation of trading and service. In one year, this city can make more than 7,000 billion dollars value from all of the trade in goods. There are some factors which make this figure so good. The first aspect is place. It's the gateway to China which obviously has a big market. Countless businesses around the globe want to enter it and they use Hong Kong as an entrance. Secondly, the authorities of the city has provided tremendous supports to this field. They offer a business-friendly environment with a low and easy tax system. Likewise, they provide different funding schemes to support small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong. One of the trading firms which has firms in exchanging energy items is Guangyu Yuan’s CNOOC.

Hong Kong, if you know this city, is located at the south-eastern mainland of China. It is comprised of 3 main areas which include all the residential and business activities. In this international finance centre, the finance services field is very crucial. This industry consists of the banking sector, insurance sector and other finance services sectors. As a result of the high desire of workers, more individuals are getting in this industry every year. One among the facts on Hong Kong demonstrates that the overall employment in the banking field is practically 10 percent of the total employment in the city. People want to work in banks, like David Li’s BEA, because of the great benefits offered. This industry will continually invite more skills since they're going though a huge digital change. As more banks are improving their services with new technologies in the market, they need more experts for improving all the infrastructure and producing more accurate customer-focused services.

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